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There are a lot of SBA lenders that can service loans  Many people will just go to their local bank that they've done checking and savings with for the last 10 years. That may not be the best choice. We are happy to assist you find the best SBA Lender to make your acquisition happen. We do recommend that you use an "SBA Preferred Lender".

You do not need to buy a business from us to use our preferred lenders, but obviously we would prefer it.  Good luck in your acquisition.

As part of the Late 2020 Stimulus Bill, you may be able to get some nice benefits up to July 31 or until the funding runs out.  Get in now.

> SBA Guaranty Fee -- normally 3%. The SBA is waiving this upfront fee, which is normally rolled into the loan and accumulates interest over the term of the loan.

> Six (6) months of No Payment -- the SBA will actually make your first 6 payments, both principal and interest.

> If you already own a business and you want to acquire another business to expand your existing business, you MAY qualify to buy it with no money down by having the down payment amount as equity on your own books, but not using it in the transaction.

Get our Preferred SBA Lender

    Get an Unsecured Personal Loan

    Sometimes you'll want to acquire a business, but the books are not clean or for whatever reason, the bank will not approve it.  You can get an unsecured loan based on your personal credit score of 680 or more using a variety of financial vehicles, some of which may be 0% interest for 18-21 months.  Most of these loans are short term (18 months to 3 years) which can be great for acquiring cash businesses or smaller acquisitions, up to $150K, that SBA banks may not fund. 

    This is also a good way to fund industries that banks won't, including gun shops or new construction trades. 

    Apply directly on the lender site by clicking the button.  There is no obligation to talk to the lender and no upfront fees.  
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