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Business valuations are helpful for a variety of reasons. If you are interested in selling your business, we'll provide you a free business valuation so you can determine whether you want to sell. If you need a valuation for corporation performance metrics, to settle a divorce, or other purposes, we can also provide those for a fee by calling our office.  

Business valuations can be calculated based on the Gross Revenue, the EBITDA or the Net Owner Income (NOI) (some people also refer to Seller Discretionary Earnings (SDE), or just Cashflow). We can calculate the valuation by all 3 methods separately and then compare the three (3). If they are similar, we'll likely average them. If they vary greatly, we will try to determine why. For example, the value based on gross revenue may be 3x that of the value based on NOI on a business that has low margins or is poorly managed.
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Some things affect the business value, or at least its attractiveness, that are not on the financial reports ... like how much does the business revolve around the owner, are there any strategic value or patents with the business, how many employees are there and are any managers that can run part or all of the company, etc. An absentee-owned business is worth more than an owner-operated business. Although many look at multiples of NOI or fractions of gross revenue, the company size and industry is critical in determining value.

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