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The moment the buyer and seller finish their transaction. Both sides win. The business goes on to thrive, serving its customers and its employees. 
The Seller retires or moves on to another venture.  The Buyer fulfills their dream of business ownership. Congratulations to everyone involved.  This is our goal. 

For Current Business Owners

We understand you may have started your business from scratch or acquired it later, but either way, it has become your livelihood, even your baby.  Exiting a business is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.  We have owned our own businesses and have been where you are now.  Plus, we've helped many others through this transition.  Our consultation is free and without obligation. Whether you use us or not, you want a plan. Let's talk.
Maybe you're not ready to sell, but you just want to position yourself to be able to successfully sell it in one (1) to three (3) years from now.
What do buyers look for? What things do Business Owners often do that hurt them when they go to sell? What can you do to increase the business value now? Call us at 574-914-0076 to discuss options for business consulting or reviews. We also can help you with increasing profitability or improving your sales lead generation.

Industries Served

CNC Machine Shop for Sale
CNC Machining
RV & Trailer Products
Material Suppliers
Marketing Companies
Screenprinting /Embroidery
IT/Computer Companies
Solar Energy
Construction Trades
Automotive Mech Repair  
Automotive Body Shops
Auto Detailing
Pet Boarding Services
Niche Equipment Rental
Online Businesses
Product Retailers
Sports Activity Businesses
Security Monitoring
Home Services
Property Management
Janitorial / Cleaning
Window Cleaners
Carpet Cleaners
And many more....
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